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Batteries Warranty

Important Information about Batteries

The most important; All our batteries include 2 years of Warranty from the invoice date.

Why our batteries include 2 years Warranty and those of other sellers only 6 months?

Please, spend 3 minutes reading this text:

The battery, in all our Electric Scooters, is a main part of the efficiency, duration and reliability of the product.

The cost and price of a Quality Battery can be 40 and 50% of the total value of the product, so using a battery of low quality is to get a very low price, with very low autonomy, and of course .. They will offer you 6 months of Warranty instead of 2 years as Us.

A high quality of the battery is basic so that the user can enjoy a long time of your product, never leaving aside that it is a safe battery, without risk of overheating, explosion, breakage.

In this issue of the quality and safety of batteries we could write for hours, but we will try to make a summary of what exists in the market, and what is happening.

Some manufacturers or importers of products with batteries, are, unfortunately, making a bad use of the brands, and trying to give quality IMAGE, to a product that does not have it.

We understand that it is tremendously easy, to print a label like this battery, and include the logo or brand of LG, or Samsung, and say that their batteries are Samsung, or LG. When they really ARE NOT.


Unfortunately, there are (many) manufacturers of Hoverboards, electric bikes, skates ... in Asia they have no qualms about including these marks in the batteries, at the request of the European customer who buys or manufactures the Hoverboard. And now, once the product in Europe, to be able to say that the batteries are of the first brands, when they really are not, and even some of us have seen that in the interior half was sand and the other half a battery of dubious quality.

This, for a normal user is difficult to know, control, distinguish .. Until some months pass, the battery dies, but .. Zas, the seller tells you that the battery is out of warranty.


How does Gran-Scooter.com work with batteries?

Needless to say, not only Samsung or Lg manufacture batteries, thousands of products have Acid or Lithium batteries and are of the highest quality. Vacuum cleaners of top brands, cleaning robots, battery shavers, or even cars mounted batteries of first quality and are not Samsung or LG.

We work with a manufacturer of first level, manufacturer that distributes and assembles batteries to large international brands that we all know and we will not list. Manufacturer who is audited every year, quality controls are done on each consignment, which has more than 2000 workers, and has been manufacturing batteries of an immense variety for 21 years.

Said manufacturer passes the most complicated tests of safety, efficiency, compliance with all European regulations and we have certificates from European Laboratories that guarantee this quality. Is not that better than a sticker with a "fake" Samsung logo?

And better yet, if the competition that sells "Samsung" or "Lg" batteries offers 3 or 6 months warranty and we offer double? 2 Years for all batteries!

Bear in mind, that the battery, being a product of wear, can be losing capacity, performance and autonomy. This is not a product failure, it is a characteristic of the product itself.

The warranty includes that the battery stops working completely or supplies the product with an incorrect voltage.