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These General Conditions are an integral part of each rental agreement. With your signature it is confirmed that the client has read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of the rental without any exception.

1. Delivery of electric scooters. The rental customer receives the scooter in perfect condition of use and clean. Any claim regarding the status of the scooter must be formalized at the time of delivery.

2.Devolution of the scooter. The rental customer is obliged to return the electric scooters including the borrowed accessories, at the time and place previously established and always during the business hours of the collaborating company. Electric scooters will be returned under the same conditions of use as at the time of delivery. The loss of components and accessories as well as damages caused by misuse must be transmitted at the time of return and will be billed to the customer.

3. Minimum age of the user user. The minimum recommended age to use electric scooters is 16 years, and adolescents under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and responsible for them with signed permission from parents or guardians, guaranteeing civil and economic responsibility

4. Rental service and the corresponding prices. The applicable prices are those that the mediating company publishes at the time of contracting.

5.Responsibility of the rental customer. The rental customer agrees to use the scooter adequately and with care. The rental customer is responsible for damages caused by improper use. It is not authorized to participate in championships or competitions. In the case of accident, loss, theft or inappropriate treatment, the rental customer is financially responsible for the amount to be covered for repair costs, with the maximum recovery value of an equal model.

6. Defects during the rental time. Any defect in the scooter during the rental period, COCO RENT will try as far as possible to change the defective electric scooters for an equal or similar model. If this possibility does not exist, the client can not make any claim for damages and / or damages that may be caused.