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Coco Rent SOLO electric scooter 1400W / 12Ah

You will remain loved when you test this big novelty, the COCO RENT SOLO is a vehicle simply genial, ideal for the trips of your day in day out, but no conceived to go by motorways or national roads, but to move you easy and comfortably by your city or village. You will be the king of the street!

His big wheels allow to the more beginners use them easily. Big stability to avoid unnecessary falls. COCO RENT SOLO, requires of very little maintenance in comparison with a vehicle of fuel; at all of petrol , filters, neither complex repairs and maintenance, only need recargarlo through the enchufe of your house or business.

The COCO RENT SOLO is composed by an electrical engine in the wheel and a controller. These are the three key elements that will do to work this vehicle. Olvídesé Of the failures in the start, which will have very few or invalid probabilities to have. The COCO RENT SOLO, consists of a powerful engine, with a battery of lithium of high capacity, situated under the tapestry of the floor to end to isolate it of the rain. However, it recommends not to use it in the puddles of water too important to avoid the deterioración of the same.

The battery is done to base of lithium for a recarga fast, with a time of load of 2 to 6 hours (depending of the model purchased). The speed to which can arrive is of 25 until 50 km/h (depending the model selected), more than sufficient for a vehicle of these characteristics. The big advantage that you will notice is the silence of the engine.

The big wheels of the COCO RENT SOLO, allow a stability of impressive driving with a risk reduced of fall. Can drive from the 14 years from now on and without limit of age! The product has been manufactured with technology of design 3D. It treats of an only product, modern and with a structure minimalista.

Besides it has the following certificates: CE. ROHS, UL, ofreciendole high quality and security in the purchase of this product.



Before his use, read entirely the manual of user, warnings of security, maintenance, inspection, use of of the batteries and 
It conserve the manual with which accompanies the product, for future future references. This product is not allocated to the use by the zones enabled for circulation of vehicles. Please, it consult the valid municipal legislation of his zone, on the use of this product. 



- Model: SOLO

- Engine: 1400W

- Battery: 12Ah

- Colour Marco: White or black

- Colour Guardabarros: Pink, red, blue, black

- Maximum speed: Until 50 Km/h

- Autonomy by load: Until 35 Km

- Battery Extraible


- Amortiguador Rear/forward

- Brakes of Leading disk/Backside

- Rear Frontal/light LED

- Luz of Brake

-Bluetooth Integrated with Speakers, allowing you listen music in your Citycoco

- Battery Extraible

- Cuentakilómetros

- Alarm

- 2 Keys of Start

- 3 Speeds to select (1,2,3)

- Engine: 1400W

- Maximum load: 180Kg

- Weight Scooter: 60Kg

- Time of Load: 2-6 Hours



2 years in all the components and parts of the product, including 2 years of guarantee in the battery (See conditions here). We have of all type of spares, like baterias, engines, covers, faros and pilot, brakes, manetas, electronic..